4 Star Vet Service - swine veterinary solutions through knowledge, experience & products. Services for commerical farms, show pigs, pot belly pigs & more.Swine vet services for commercial farms, show pigs, pot belly pigs and more - Four Star Veterinary Service
4 Star Vet Service - swine veterinary solutions through knowledge, experience & products. Services for commerical farms, show pigs, pot belly pigs & more. Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for commercial farms, show pigs, pot belly pigs and more. Each of our doctors focuses on the health & welfare of the animals.

Husbandry Educator Services
Four Star Veterinary Service offers you an innovative, industry-leading Husbandry Education pig wellness program led by Rusty Sobasky, Husbandry Educator. Rusty will work side-by-side with your animal caregivers to achieve the highest level of animal care while simultaneously optimizing pork production. Please click here to see more information on Rusty Sobasky and his services.

Vaccination Programs
We provide basic vaccination programs for both commercial and show pig producers. These would include the breeding herd as well as the growing/finishing herds. The basic programs can be modified to suit the needs of individual farms as necessary.

Disease Diagnosis and Management
We have decades of experience in diagnosing the cause of disease outbreaks. We perform necropsies and submit the proper tissues to the appropriate laboratories to arrive at a diagnosis. For distant clients, we will train production managers to perform necropsies and how to handle and submit tissues directly to the laboratory. Once we have a diagnosis, we will work to initiate a comprehensive treatment regimen for the short term, as well as a workable preventative program for the long term.

Preventative Blood Testing / Oral Fluid Collection
In addition to tissue diagnostics, we aggressively blood test and use oral fluids to assess the health of the herd or to determine if there has been exposure to a new infectious agent. For our distant clients, we will work with and train production managers to collect the blood or oral fluids, as well as how to handle and ship it to the appropriate laboratory.

Death Loss Analysis
We work with multiple records programs to evaluate elevated death loss in any stage of production. We will also visit the farm to assess to what degree the management and environment are contributing to the mortality. We understand that there are many reasons the death loss may be elevated; we will look at all possible reasons to determine the cause and chart the best possible solution.

Reproductive Records Analysis
Our experience with multiple production record programs allows us the expertise to evaluate reproductive records to diagnose a breeding problem or to develop ways to become more efficient in breeding barn management.

Pig Flow Analysis
We understand that many farms have problems with their “pig flow” or have bottle necks in production. We will carefully look at the facilities available as well as the production targets to maximize the number of pigs that can be moved through a specific system. We will evaluate the targets in both the breeding herd, as well as the growing herd to determine the most cost effective level of production.

Nutritional Analysis
We are not nutritionists, but we have good working relationships with many feed companies and their nutritionists. We work closely with these knowledgeable people to be sure the nutritional needs of the pigs are being met and to be sure the diets are as cost effective as possible.

Regulatory Blood Testing/Health Papers
We are willing to perform any regulatory blood testing necessary, as well as provide the proper health papers for interstate movement of pigs. This includes international shipments as well as those moving across state lines.

Specialized Swine Surgeries
Several 4 Star locations offer surgeries for conditions such as crypt orchids or umbilical hernias. Other less common surgeries can be performed as needed.

Pork Quality Assurance and PQA Site Assessments
All 4 Star veterinarians are trained to conduct PQA Plus certifications to individual workers or to groups as needed. We also conduct PQA Plus site assessments. The site assessments focus particularly on the animal welfare issues.

Pet / Pot Belly Pigs
Pot belly pigs and miniature pigs continue to be important pets in some families. We understand these pigs have special needs compared to commercial pigs. Several 4 star veterinarians offer minor surgeries and regular maintenance and care for this specialized group of pigs.

4-H and Show Pig Projects
We understand the passion of 4-H and show pig producers. We work with these people to assure the health of the animals and to maximize the show experience.

Ventilation Systems Analysis
We are not engineers, but we have good relationships with all of the ventilation companies. We can suggest minor adjustments in temperature or ventilation rates. If there is a major ventilation problem, we can work to resolve the problem or we will call in the experts; working together with them to correct ventilation and pig environment problems.

Boar Stud Management
We have several boar studs in our client base and understand how important management is in these facilities to assure a good, healthy product. We can trouble shoot problems and evaluate records from these facilities just like we do with sow herds and growing pigs.

Biosecurity Management
We understand the importance of good biosecurity at all production sites. We focus on preventing the introduction of new agents into any facility. We conduct bio-security audits to assess current protocols and we administer risk assessments to determine what the most pressing bio-security risks are to the unit.

Disease Eradication Plans
Some diseases are too costly to control or live with. We have many years of experience in eradicating individual diseases from farms by modifying pig flow, medicating early weaning, or total depopulation. We develop long-term plans to achieve these goals and have been highly successful.

Slaughter Inspections
Some diseases can be monitored by conducting slaughter inspections. We have the luxury of having access to several slaughter facilities, large and small, across the Midwest.

Bio-medical Research
We work with a number of bio-medical research facilities to develop proper management and welfare procedures for research pigs. We also work with farms that supply pigs for bio-medical research. We understand the needs of this specialized production and work to enhance procedures for both parties.

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